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This is a list of known bugs in the games that also occur in the original interpreters.


Fixed in ScummVM

  • If you set the Ytram trap, save your game, and then load it, the bytramtime variable will have no basis and the game will just give you a 'free' Ytram without waiting.
    • We reset the bytramtime variable upon loading so this cannot happen.

Not Fixed in ScummVM

  • The maglev on Temple Island has no proper ambient sounds. When you board it on Temple Island, the wind sound will play. When you ride it back from Jungle Island, no sound will play.
  • The maglev between Book Making Island and Garden Island will always be on Garden Island (even if you just took it to Book Making Island). It seems the developers forgot to do an animation of the summoning of the tram from either side and just made it always appear instead (by setting the tram to be on Garden Island as you use it to go to Book Making Island). Strangely, they added some code just in case the tram is not present to just make it appear with no animation. Here's a script decompilation snippet of the maglev call button, with the relevant part being case 0 (taken from gspit card 31):
Hotspot 3:
	Stream Type 2:
		switch (gnmagcar) {
			case 0:
				gnmagcar = 1;
				gnmagrot = 0;
				switch (gnmagrot) {
					case 1:
						gnmagrot = 0;