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Main Mohawk TODO


  • The QuickTime parser is basically complete.
  • The Cyan logo repeats some frames at the end. I call it "Cyan logo syndrome." This is caused by the lack of handling of multiple edit lists. FFmpeg doesn't handle this yet either.
  • Some Cinepak frames have corruption. Not sure why yet. Notable ones are using the wood chipper (when the power is directed elsewhere) and using the trap book before talking with Gehn (when not on Tay). Need to investigate.
  • Unify the 8bpp to 16/32bpp code snippets. This is mostly done already. I have a patch to add it to graphics/conversion.h, but still waiting on that one.


The game is not currently completable for many many many reasons. Hotspot/resource support is still in early stages, but support is definitely increasing steadily. The ages are currently at least partially explorable.


(In Order of Priority):

  • Variables (digitall is working on this)
  • Hotspots/Resources
    • Finish them
    • Opcodes
  • Videos (clone2727 is working on this)
  • Loads of cleanup
  • Myst ME requires at least QDesign Music 2, Sorenson Video 1, Sorenson Video 3, and Motion JPEG in terms of other video codecs. Motion JPEG is obviously the easiest, the other three are very complex. FFmpeg at has decoders for them.

Riven TODO

The game is currently not completable because of these missing parts (there are more puzzles after this missing, but these are the big ones in the way now):

  • bspit, gspit, jspit, tspit: Cannot access domes.
    • Various external commands


(In Order of Priority):

  • Video
    • See common Video TODO
    • Background videos
  • Fix Memory Leaks; The memory consumption of the game goes up ~200 kilobytes per card. Not good! The hotspots are not freed when changing cards. Freeing them can (and will) segfault the game.
    • Actually, I'm not sure if this happens anymore. Need to check...
  • Make looping MP2 sound faster; there's too much of a pause between iterations.
  • Cleanup SLST handling
    • Fading not handled
    • Some sounds do not play (maglev from tspit to jspit), is this right?
  • Finish External Commands (A few are done, most are self-explanatory)
  • Transitions
  • Cleanup hotspot debugging mode. The water effect writes over it.

Stack TODO/Known Bugs

May be caused by missing features!


  • Need to finish the marble puzzle. It is currently bypassed. xt7500_checkmarbles, xt7600_setupmarbles, xt7800_setup, xdrawmarbles, and xtakeit need to be completed.


  • Videos need to be added to the elevator (hardcoded).
  • Videos need to be added to the rebel tunnel puzzle (hardcoded).
  • Ambient sounds don't work when clicking on a stone in the rebel tunnel puzzle.


  • xbchangeboiler and xbupdateboiler need to be completed.
  • Videos need to be added to the water flow controls (hardcoded).
  • The Ytram trap only partially works currently. xbsettrap, xbcheckcatch, and xbfreeytram need to be implemented.


  • The map viewer is not implemented, but you are still able to choose an island.


  • Overall, in decent shape. The non-Gehn related puzzles are completable.


  • Everything acts the way it's supposed to. I have seen no gameplay bugs so far, other than the missing external commands.


  • Everything acts the way it's supposed to. I have seen no gameplay bugs so far, other than the missing external commands.


  • Numbers are missing from Catherine's journal.

Other Games TODO

  • They all use QuickTime video, but there are some weird codecs. My QuickTime player (the latest version!) can't handle the Zoombini video codec. It says it's CDToons. The FourCC is 'QkBk'. I have no idea what that is. The sound codec is raw sound though. Some still use Cinepak (like "The Chief" videos).
  • CSAmtrak/CSWorld use .FON resources for fonts
  • Zoombini uses a TrueType Font
  • The RLE compression methods are required for the older Living Books games. Only RLE8 and LZ have been observed in later Living Books games.
    • This actually might not be RLE, it doesn't look like that compression...