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Name Mohawk Engine TODO
Technical Contact(s) Mohawk Engine Team
Subsystem Engine

Main Mohawk TODO


  • Backwards playback/seeking
    • Myst ME:
      • Myst Card 4113: Retracting weight in the clock tower
    • Myst Original:
      • Stoneship Card 2138: Chest key animation with no chest present
      • Stoneship Card 2132: Chest valve animation when chest is empty
      • Channelwood Card 3385: Closing stairs upper door animation
  • Playback at custom framerates - Needed for Myst Cabin Boiler videos.
  • Some Cinepak frames have corruption.
    • The Myst linking book video on D'ni has a corrupted Cinepak frame (data-wise). Right now, we just skip that frame (and throw a warning). It looks like QuickTime does this too.
    • The CD (but not the DVD) version of Riven has at least two videos with a corrupt frame: the wood chipper (when power is directed elsewhere) and using the trap book before talking with Gehn (when not on Tay).
  • Unify the 8bpp to 16/32bpp code snippets. This is mostly done already. I have a patch to add it to graphics/conversion.h, but still waiting on that one.


The game is playable and should be completable to all four endings, though many issues still need to be fixed.


  • Myst ME 10th Anniversary Edition requires Sorenson Video 3 for the UbiSoft logo
    • Since SVQ3 is quite large (and based on h.264), we may suggest the user just take the video from the Macintosh portion of the disc, which is QTRLE
  • JPEG optimization for Myst ME
  • Improve SVQ1 color
    • The current 410 algorithm results in color being "blocky" -- should switch to using linear interpolation
  • Add transitions
  • Add fading (Myst demo only)
  • Add Help System (Myst ME only)
  • Add support for Myst ME Mac external sounds in AIFF format

Stack TODO/Known Bugs

Myst Island

  • Cabin boiler movie playback logic - card 4097, 4098
    • This also requires QT movie playback at custom rates - See above
  • Myst ME lacks the weight going back up - Card 4113


  • Animation of closing stairs upper door incorrect - card 3385


  • Fortress rotation not working - complete opcode 205
  • Fortress rotation holo-simulator not working - complete opcode 206


  • Chest key animation with no chest and opening chest valve when empty in the Stoneship lighthouse incorrect
  • In the Mac version of the Masterpiece Edition, the white note in the dresser says to turn all markers to "off" instead of "on". The STpics file does contain the 'correction' image (just a picture with "on") which should be layered on top of the "off" in the text.

Riven TODO


The game first became completable with r52735. As of r55299, the game is completable with no prior knowledge.


(In Order of Priority):

  • Finish External Commands (Many are done, most are self-explanatory)
  • Transitions
  • Finish ambient sound handling: Only fading is left
  • Cleanup video handling
    • We should emulate the QuickTime overlay, without doing so causes a couple glitches:
      • Rarely before a video, the screen that should be shown after the video flashes before the video starts (for example: opening the linking book in the Rebel tunnel puzzle).
      • Rarely after a video, the engine does not update with the correct screen. As far as I can tell, this only affects the easter egg videos on gspit and ospit under normal conditions. However, it can be noticed when skipping a video on occasion.
        • We should also be showing the last frame when skipping
      • In one instance, the lower staircase with the sunners, the water effect can overwrite the video.
    • Honor the MLST volume field
  • Cleanup hotspot debugging mode. The water effect and videos write over it.

Stack TODO/Known Bugs


  • The underwater viewer is partially implemented.
    • xgwharksnd needs to be implemented.
    • Has hardcoded background sounds.


  • Marbles not drawn on grid when standing one step back from the marble puzzle
    • xt7600_setupmarbles needs to be completed.

Living Books TODO

  • Take another look at how rewinding is meant to work.
  • Implement fading between palettes.
  • Add fading between pages - do full preloading (including sound) and use the relevant cursors.
  • Implement the hardcoded mini-games in Green Eggs and Ham and Arthur's Reading Race.
  • Implement the rest of the scripting used in the later LB games, including variable saving/loading.
  • Handle the proxies and compiled scripts used in v4 (The Rugrats Adventure Game, Arthur's Computer Adventure). fuzzie has preliminary code for this.


  • Implement the intro/transition videos (HQ/time tunnel).
  • Draw the text on Carmen's notes.
  • Fix feature priorities.
  • Implement music, environmental sounds, the rest of the animation code.
  • Implement the Chronopedia.
  • Render the torch mask for case 1.
  • Support the other sound sync cues.
  • Implement cases 3-20.
  • A host of other things, no doubt.

Other Games TODO

  • They (mostly) all use QuickTime video.
    • The re-release of Zoombinis uses Bink Video!
    • Some Kid Pix games use Smacker (in tSMK resources)
  • Some educational games (e.g. Treehouse, Zoombini) use some TrueType fonts.