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usedBy=[[Mutation of J.B.]]|
usedBy=[[Mutation of J.B.]]|
dateAdded=Not Added|
dateAdded=August 18, 2018|
        status=Not (yet) part of ScummVM|
'''MutationOfJB''' is the engine used by [[Mutation of J.B.]].
== Resources ==
* [[MutationOfJB/Status|Status]]
* [[MutationOfJB/Commands|Command list]]
==External Links==
* [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuY4T0kmcjk Video with current state (as of 7/22/2018)]


Latest revision as of 00:02, 11 April 2020

Engine developer Ľubomír Remák, MiroslavR
Companies that used it Invention
Games that use it Mutation of J.B.
Date added to ScummVM 2018-08-18
First release containing it None

MutationOfJB is the engine used by Mutation of J.B..


External Links