Myst III: Exile

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Myst III: Exile
Myst3 2.jpg
First release 2001
Also known as N/A
Developed by Presto Studios
Published by Ubisoft
Russobit-M (Russia)
Distributed by Ubisoft
Platforms Mac OS, PlayStation 2,
Windows, Xbox
Resolution 640x480, 256 colors
Engine Sprint
Support not yet
Available for

Myst III: Exile takes place 10 years after Riven. You go to Tomahna, Atrus' new home. Atrus offers to show you Releeshahn, the age that the remaining D'ni established. Before that can happen, a man appears and steals the linking book. You go after him through several ages and try to understand who he is.

Current status in ScummVM

The ResidualVM Presto engine is being merged into ScummVM.

In the stable builds of ResidualVM, Myst III: Exile was completable and fully playable.


Required data files

For more information on how ScummVM uses game data files, see the user documentation.

Copy the data files from your Myst III CDs or DVD into one directory:

  • The M3Data directory.
  • The Data directory.
  • The menu language file [LANGUAGE].m3u (DVD only).

The game must be at least version 1.1. For most releases of the game, the update is already applied on the installation media and no action is required. Otherwise, ScummVM asks for the update to be installed and refuses to run the game. The updates can be downloaded from the ScummVM website

Language support

The DVD version is multilingual; you can change the in-game language from the game menu. However, you must choose the language of the menus by copying the appropriate files. Copy the menu language file from your chosen language directory on the disc. On the DVD, the menu language file can be named language.m3u or [LANGUAGE].m3u depending on the release. It should be copied to the M3Data/TEXT directory. If the file is named language.m3u, it should be renamed to the explicit language e.g. ENGLISH.m3u for English.

The required files must be organized in the following manner to be recognized:

Myst III folder structure

Updates for the CD version

It is recommended to use the most recent official game update for your language. Note that the DVD version comes fully updated.



The mouse is used to look around and interact with the ages.


Available keyboard shortcuts:

Key Binding
Escape Original Myst III menu
Space Skip cutscenes, interact
Ctrl + F5 ScummVM menu
Ctrl + c Force quit (from command line)
Ctrl + q Quit (in-game)
Alt + s Save a screenshot

TODO / Known bugs

  • The PS2 version is not supported.
  • The Xbox version is not supported.

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