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Engine developer johndoe, md5
Companies that used it The Neverhood, Inc.
Games that use it The Neverhood
Date added to ScummVM May 15, 2013
First release containing it None


Differences in ScummVM

The following is a list of differences between ScummVM and the original interpreter. These are not errors, and thus won't be fixed. They have been implemented this way to provide a more unified experience between the different game engines.

  • In ScummVM, saved games are saved per slot, not as a list. This means that you are allowed to have several different saved games with the same name, which wasn't possible in the original
  • In ScummVM, saved games are sorted from newest to oldest. Saves are sorted alphabetically in the original interpreter.
  • In ScummVM, you can't type the name of a saved game to load it. Since you are allowed to have different save slots with the same name, this (somewhat confusing) feature is not available in ScummVM

Issues which also happen in the original

  • In the basement of the Hall of Records, when clicking the lever immediately after walking onto the elevator from the bottom sometimes results in teleportation - module 2200, scene 6.
  • The cursor's palette is wrong in one of the cart scenes, after the two worlds are joined - module 2500, scene 4

Known issues in ScummVM

Sounds / Music

  • Ambient sounds play doubly as much as they should in the Robot Bil area - module 1100, scene 3.