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3ds.png Nintendo 3DS Port
Latest Released Version 2.2.0
Supported Audio Options MP3, OGG, FLAC, Uncompressed
Additional Webpage(s) None
Maintainer(s) bgK
Packager(s) bgK
Forum Port Forum
Status Maintained
First Official Version 2.1.1


ScummVM has been ported to the Nintendo 3DS.

For more information, including how to install and use ScummVM, see the Nintendo 3DS user documentation.

Developer information

Compiling ScummVM


  • Latest version of devkitPro, which comes with devkitARM and libctru
  • citro3d thorugh devkitPro's pacman
  • Optional: You should compile third-party libraries for the 3ds (commonly referred to as portlibs in the devkitPRO community). Some games requires these to operate properly.

Compiling third-party libraries

It is strongly recommended that you use devkitPro's pacman in order to get the most recent portlibs for your build.

The following libraries can be downloaded with pacman:

Library Package
zlib 3ds-zlib
libpng 3ds-libpng
libjpeg 3ds-libjpeg-turbo
freetype2 3ds-freetype
libmad 3ds-libmad
libogg 3ds-libogg
tremor 3ds-libvorbisidec
flac 3ds-flac
libtheora 3ds-libtheora
curl 3ds-curl

At the moment of writing, the version of freetype2 packaged by devkitPro has an issue where it allocates too much data on the stack when ScummVM loads GUI themes. As a workaround, an older version can be used. Version 2.6.5 is known to work well. The instructions below can be used to compile it.

At the moment of writing, faad is not in the devkitPro 3DS pacman repository. It can be compiled by following the instructions in the section below, in case it cannot be found through pacman.

The following pacman packages are also recommended:

  • 3ds-dev
  • devkitpro-pkgbuild-helpers

Once you have the devkitpro-pkgbuild-helpers package, you should be able to find the following scripts in your /opt/devkitpro folder:


Run them one after the other with `source` in order to setup your environment variables for cross-compiling:

source /opt/devkitpro/
source /opt/devkitpro/

After that, you can download the libraries you want to cross compile, run any autoconf scripts that they may have, and then they can usually be built with the following steps from their source directory:

./configure --prefix=$PORTLIBS_PREFIX --host=arm-none-eabi --disable-shared --enable-static
make install

Most libraries used can be compiled with same commands and configuration flags.

Manually setting up the environment

In case you don't have the helpers package downloaded, you can use the following to set-up your environment variables.

It is assumed that you have these variables already set up. If not, then do so:

DEVKITPRO Your root devkitPro directory
DEVKITARM Your root devkitARM directory (probably same as $DEVKITPRO/devkitARM)
CTRULIB Your root libctru directory (probably same as $DEVKITPRO/libctru)

In the source directory of the library:

export PORTLIBS_PREFIX=$DEVKITPRO/portlibs/3ds
export CFLAGS="-g -march=armv6k -mtune=mpcore -mfloat-abi=hard -O2
                    -mword-relocations -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections"
export CPPFLAGS="-I$PORTLIBS_PREFIX/include -I$CTRULIB/include"

Compiling ScummVM

Do the following in a fresh terminal.

In case you get a "compiler not found" message, add the toolchain's executables to your PATH:


In case you get an error about "namespace _3DS", edit the line in /opt/devkitpro/ that reads

export CPPFLAGS="-D_3DS -I${PORTLIBS_PREFIX}/include -I${DEVKITPRO}/libctru/include"

and remove the "-D_3DS" part so that it reads

export CPPFLAGS="-I${PORTLIBS_PREFIX}/include -I${DEVKITPRO}/libctru/include"

Note: In more recent codebases of ScummVM, you may or may not need to set the following beforehand:


See above for $PORTLIBS_PREFIX.

ScummVM doesn't provide the CA certificates bundle required by the cloud synchronization features. You need to download it from the curl website:, and instruct the build system to package it in the binary:

export DIST_3DS_EXTRA_FILES=/path/to/cacert.pem

The name of the file must be cacert.pem.

From the root of the scummvm repository:

./configure --host=3ds --enable-plugins --default-dynamic

Additionally compile to specific formats to be used on the 3DS:

make scummvm.3dsx
make scummvm.cia

Assuming everything was successful, you'll be able to find the binary files in the root of your scummvm folder.

Note: for the CIA format, you will need the makerom and bannertool tools which are not supplied with devkitPro.

Note: using dynamic plugins as suggested is required when building with most or all of the game engines enabled in order to keep the memory usage low and avoid stability issues.