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Nintendo 64 Port
Latest Released Version 2.2.0
Supported Audio Options OGG, Uncompressed
Additional Webpage(s) None
Maintainer(s) Hkz
Packager(s) None
Forum Port Forum
Status Maintained
First Official Version 1.1.0

ScummVM has also been ported to the Nintendo 64.


Here is what you need to run ScummVM on your Nintendo 64:

  • Nintendo64 (haha...)
  • N64 Gamepad
  • N64 Mouse (optional, gives better game experience)
  • Controller PAK / FlashRAM cart (for saves)
  • Flash Cart or copier (like Myth N64 or DoctorV64)
  • N64 Memory expansion (this is _almost_ a requirement)

Build cart images from binaries

ScummVM N64 cart images are composed by two parts: a binary with executable code and a romfs image, containing game datafiles and other useful data. Prebuilt binaries needs to be joined with a romfs image containing datafiles from _YOUR_ games.

To generate a romfs image under linux/unix you need 'genromfs' tool from, create a directory, copy game data inside, and then generate the romfs image.

cp -a ../games/mygamedata ./GAMEDATA
genromfs -f ./ROMFS.img -d ./GAMEDATA -V romname

This creates a ROMFS image with 'mygamedata' directory inside. Now you need to join this with the appropriate scummvm engine binary:

cat scummvm-bass.bin ROMFS.img > scummvm-bass.n64

Now the last step, you need to fix the checksum of the image, there are various tools for this, i normally use ucon64.

ucon64 --n64 --chk scummvm-bass.n64

This gives you a n64 cart image you can use with your flashcart/copier to play the game.

NOTE Some copiers requires additional treatment of the cart image before uploading: the DoctorV64 for example requires the image to be byte-swapped and padded to the nearest 2mb multiple size. You can use ucon64 tool to perform these changes.

ucon64 --n64 --v64 --padn=16777216 scummvm-bass.n64

You are then ready to upload the image to the cart and play!