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Technical notes for Obsidian

MIDI behavior

There's a special MIDI file "ANO&Vol.mid" which triggers AllNotesOff on all channels. Presumably this is because multiple MIDI sources are funneled into one MIDI output and it does this to periodically clear stuck notes.

Hopefully this will become unnecessary in the future with better multi-source MIDI support.


Most navigation is at "nodes" with an 8-point directional setup that can lead to other nodes.

Mapping is clockwise, where the current node is at +0 direction, forward-right is +1, right is +2, etc.

Known script errors and status

Normally a script error indicates an engine bug, but sometimes they are harmless. This attempts to track any known script errors and their impact.

Forest chapter

 Miniscript error in (59db9 'set iVol on GEN_SND_Set_iVol'): Failed to assign value to proxy

Triggers on startup. Caused by kiCrixVolNormal and kiCrixVolLow variables being absent in "Forest Intro" section. The GUIDs are valid for the "Forest" section though, which is always loaded. Harmless?

 Miniscript error in (11ace '<set cel> on F199_SetState'): Failed to get a writeable reference to attribute 'cel'

Triggers on viewing the drawing pages in the "Journal" section. Caused by F199_SetState being posted to an image element. Harmless? Is "cel" a valid attribute for an image?

Bureau chapter

 Miniscript error in (5d6349 '<init> on PE'): Failed to get a writeable reference to attribute 'cel'

Triggers on looking down at the chapter start. Caused by script setting "cel" on a sound. Is "cel" a valid attribute for a sound?