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backend=openpandora + sdl|
backend=openpandora + sdl|
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ogg=yes Tremor|

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openpandora.png OpenPandora Port
Latest Released Version 1.7.0
Supported Audio Options MP3, OGG, Uncompressed
Additional Webpage(s) GIT Builds and Port News
Maintainer(s) DJWillis
Packager(s) DJWillis
Forum Port Forum
Status Unmaintained
First Official Version 1.2.0

ScummVM has also been ported to the OpenPandora.

Controls for ScummVM on the OpenPandora

Buttons Action Notes
Touchscreen Move Pointer and process 'Tap Mode' on touch.
Y Toggle Touchscreen 'Tap Mode'. Adjusts the 'on tap' response, it cycles 'Left Click' (Default), 'Right Click', 'Hover' and 'Hover - DPad Click'. 'Hover - DPad Click' is just what is suggests. You can use a press on the DPad to create a left click wherever the stylus is pressing on the screen and hover at all other times.
Left Trigger + Touchscreen 'Tap'. Force the touchscreen 'Tap' to simulate a 'Right Click' regardless of the 'Tap Mode'. Ideal for quickly simulating a 'Right Click' in games without changing the configured 'Tap Mode'.
A + Touchscreen 'Tap'. Left Click. Ideal for Left Handed users of the touchscreen when combined with the hover 'Tap Mode'.
B + Touchscreen 'Tap'. Right Click. Ideal for Left Handed users of the touchscreen when combined with the hover 'Tap Mode'.
 Mouse Emulation: (Default Nub Settings)
Buttons Action Notes
Left Nub Move Pointer.
Right Nub moved Left Left Click.
Right Nub moved Right Right Click.

Wherever possible the keyboard layout has been kept the same as the desktop versions of ScummVM.
Only OpenPandora specific button layouts are shown below. Normal keys should behave as you expect.

Buttons Action Notes
dPad Cursor Keys. Ideal for AGI games.
X Display the Global ScummVM Main Menu in supported engines. Return to launcher, setup system options and save/load.
 Button Combinations:
Buttons Action Notes
Start/Ctrl + Q Exit ScummVM gracefully Please exit ScummVM doing this or via the menu, do not just turn off your OpenPandora you can loose save games.