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See GSoC Ideas if you're looking for Google Summer of Code ideas for 2012.

Current Open Tasks

Below is a table of some open tasks that people may wish to consider working on and links for more information. These tasks can be considered in addition or in conjunction with anything on our TODO, any other task or your own 'Anything you can dream of' project.

They are usually NOT kept up to date. Please contact us (ideally via IRC) before you even start thinking about one of these tasks. Again, see GSoC Ideas if you're looking for Google Summer of Code ideas for 2012.

Task (Outdated) Workload Technical Contact(s) Subsystem
Audio Output Selection 50% Johannes Schickel Audio
MIDI Device Configuration 50% Johannes Schickel Audio
Improve the build system 50% Eugene Sandulenko Generic
Small Devices Backend 33% John Willis, Joost Peters Generic
Improve GUI Usability 100% Johannes Schickel Eugene Sandulenko Generic
Support for Acorn Audio Format: Desktop Tracker 50% Eugene Sandulenko, Sven Hesse Audio
Improve sound support in SCUMM games 75% Eugene Sandulenko, Travis Howell Audio/Engine
Extend plugin system 75% Eugene Sandulenko Generic
Security Audit 100% David Turner Engine
DOS Port 100% Fabio Battaglia, David Turner Port
Touch GUI 100% Eugene Sandulenko Generic
Saving Everywhere 100% Alyssa Milburn Generic
Hardware accelerated blitting 100% Einar Johan Trøan Sømåen, Johannes Schickel, Alyssa Milburn Engine
Improve GUI Look 100% Eugene Sandulenko Generic

Current TODO Lists

Below is a table of all the TODO lists currently on the wiki. These less detailed tasks can be considered in conjunction with anything from our larger open task list or your own 'Anything you can dream of' project.

A TODO list by its very nature if often made up of vague pointers or one line ideas. Please seek clarification if you are unsure of any TODO.

Task Technical Contact(s) Subsystem
Main TODO List The ScummVM Team Generic
Documentation TODO The ScummVM Team Documentation
GUI Themes TODO The ScummVM Team Generic
SCUMM Engine TODO SCUMM Engine Team Engine
AGI Engine TODO AGI Engine Team Engine
AGOS Engine TODO AGOS Engine Team Engine
Cine Engine TODO Cine Engine Team Engine
Drascula Engine TODO Drascula Engine Team Engine
Gob Engine TODO Gob Engine Team Engine
Groovie Engine TODO Groovie Engine Team Engine
Hugo Engine TODO Hugo Engine Team Engine
Kyra Engine TODO Kyra Engine Team Engine
MADE Engine TODO MADE Engine Team Engine
Mohawk Engine TODO Mohawk Engine Team Engine
Parallaction Engine TODO Parallaction Engine Team Engine
SCI Engine TODO SCI Engine Team Engine
SAGA Engine TODO SAGA Engine Team Engine
Sword25 Engine TODO Sword25 Engine Team Engine
Tinsel Engine TODO Tinsel Engine Team Engine
Touche Engine TODO Touche Engine Team Engine
Toon Engine TODO Toon Engine Team Engine
User Manual TODO The ScummVM Team Documentation
Hopkins Engine TODO Hopkins Engine Team Engine
Tony Engine TODO Tony Engine Team Engine
TsAGE Engine TODO TsAGE Engine Team Engine
Neverhood Engine TODO Neverhood Engine Team Engine
Tucker Engine TODO Tucker Engine Team Engine