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Open Task
Task Name Improve sound support in SCUMM games
Technical Contact(s) Eugene Sandulenko, Travis Howell
Subsystem Audio/Engine


TODO: Is this task really suitable for this wiki page? It seems to be very specific and has a high entry barrier (esp. for the Apple II part). At the very least, a more detailed description is necessary.


  • Add support for the beeper sound used by the Apple II version of Maniac Mansion to the SCUMM engine. Unfortunately as no demo versions are available, for testing you need to own the game or be in contact with somebody who does own the game and can test for you.
    • A parser/converter for the sound resources has been written by tobigun and is available here
    • Further information on the resource format can be found here.
  • Add support for the sound format used by the Macintosh version of Loom to the SCUMM engine. Known information about the structure of the sound resources used is available. If you don't own the game, the LucasArts Mac CD Game pack is usually available via eBay.