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Open Task
Task Name DOS Port
Technical Contact(s) David Turner
Subsystem Generic

ScummVM is already ported to most common Operating Systems and devices, and quite a few uncommon ones.
However, one major exception is DOS. This has been requested and talked about a fair number of times, but with no progress i.e. Thread

This is partly as there is no SDL port for DOS. The student would either need to look at SDL DOS porting, create a DOS custom backend or use the Win32 port of SDL using HX Extender. A native DOS porting of SDL is the recommended route, targeting VESA VGA Graphics, SB16 Sound Output, MPU401 etc.

It would be intended that the required libraries including libSDL and ScummVM would be compiled by an open C++ toolchain such as OpenWatcom.

Since DOSBox provides an emulated DOS machine and FreeDOS provides a free and open source 100% compatible DOS implementation, MS DOS will not be needed by the student, though support for this is intended.

The student would require good C/C++ skills and knowledge of DOS internals or a willingness to learn and demonstrable progress on this task i.e. DOS Graphics Demo...