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Open Task
Task Name Saving Everywhere
Technical Contact(s) Eugene Sandulenko, Johannes Schickel
Subsystem Generic


Our SDL-based backends (a backend is roughly equivalent to a 'port'), such as the one used by default on desktop machines, use 2D scaler functions to 'scale up' the game screen to a larger size, such as plain 2x/3x scalers and HQ2x/HQ3x.

Right now, they are all hardcoded into the build, which means that adding new scalers is inconvenient, especially since they all have to be built into ScummVM. This means that, at the moment, we have stopped adding new scalers to the code. If our plugin system could be extended to allow for scalers to be provided as plugins, then these problems would be solved.

Once this is done, and the existing scalers changed to be plugins, then support could be added for scalers supporting higher bit depths (32bpp) - which would allow us to use a 32bpp overlay for the GUI. And finally, new scalers could be added (there have been several patches submitted already).

The Task:

Please Contact Eugene Sandulenko or Johannes Schickel for more details