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Location (LOC) scripts specification

Level-0 simple statements:

DISK Selects data file containing resources for this location (it used to ask the user to switch floppy in the original games). This statement appears any other resource specification.
LOCATION Specifies location name and selects background bitmap and depth mask. It is not necessary for this statement to be the first one in the script.
LOCAFLAGS Declares flags for the current location: the default value is *clear*. The flags values are retained when across savegames and location switches.
FLAGS Sets flags declared in LOCALFLAGS.
SOUND Specifies sound effect to be looped (as it was background music).
MUSIC Specifies background music.
ENDLOCATION Tells the parser there is nothing more to read in this location script.

Level-0 block statements (with brief description):

ZONE Declares interactive screen area.
ANIMATION Declares visible animation.
COMMENT Defines text to be displayed in a balloon when the location is accessed for the first time.
ENDCOMMENT Special text displayed on end game. There is only one instance in the last location for Nippon Safes.
NODES Defines points to be used as aid when computing walk paths.
COMMANDS Defines a list of commands to be executed before COMMENT text -if any- is displayed.
ACOMMANDS Defines a list of commands to be executed after COMMENT text -if any- is displayed.