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Name Parallaction Engine TODO
Technical Contact(s) Parallaction Engine Team
Subsystem Engine


  • Merge input loops: make one input routine for menu, one for dialogue and one for _c_endIntro (possibly merge it with menu). It would be probably needed as part of the new double-buffering implementation. Should be worthy to investigate if it can be made before.
  • Mark all global variables with standard g_ prefix, prior to looking at whether they can be refactored into engine member variables.

Nippon Safes

  • Minor graphics glitch in the finale credits scene, where they're drawn behind a texture on the wall i.e. z-order glitch [Bug #5866].


  • Sound broken in Multi-lingual DOS variant [Bug #5857]. Need to check if this is still occuring.


  • The spotlight in the night club should come to a post before Donna enters the stage [Bug #4041]. The original used a blocking routine to do so.
  • Make proper balloons with rounded corners for dialogues [needs a polygon fill routine].
  • Add workaround for a bad character in the English version speech for the Final safe scene. This manifests as an invalid character, rather than the word "Company" in one of the texts.
  • Museum Caveau control panel - "Push the button" verb appears when it shouldn't [Bug #4821].
  • In some locations, the explanation overlay object labels can get stuck [Bug #4815].
    • Eternal Rest Hotel: "telephone" keeps stuck until the door-keeper is gone.
    • Sumo Wrestler "suite": "knock" will be stuck until the cutscene is played.
    • Emperors mansion: Talking to the emperor in duisguise has "cabinet" floating beneath the cursor until the dialogue is finished.
  • Nippon Safes can be purchased as part of Cloanto's "Amiga Forever 2012" collection. Unfortunately, the disk images used have a corrupted Disk 3, which crashes under WinUAE. We may want to add detection and warning about this version.

Big Red Adventure

  • Implement Save/Load.
  • Implement missing music commands.
  • Implement non-blocking fades/other gfx (need some updates to the input loop).
  • Fix mouse cursor hide/show. Mouse cursor incorrectly hidden currently (2011-01-13):
    • Re-entering the first room (DOS BRA Demo only).
    • The guy trying to sell you a watch in the park in Part 1.
    • The end of Part 2 when a banana is thrown.
  • Animation graphics glitch with Museum tour guide's mouth during introduction. Looks like a misalignment of the overlay sprite or possibly a z-ordering bug.
  • Game completable up until Park in Part 1, where it is possible for Ego to get stuck in various places, making it almost impossible to complete these screens. Looks like a remaining bug in pathfinding algorithm.
  • Pathfinding lockup upon entry to Romanov Burger in Part 1. Stuck on table in bottom-left corner on entry.

Script bugs:

  • a zone called 'occorig' is defined in location 'camalb' in all versions of the game, whereas 'eccorig' is needed.


  • Cursor loading broken/corrupted i.e. Find out how cursors are stretched.
  • Correctly position text in dialogue balloons (Try using remote control on TV in hotel room i.e. first scene for example).
  • Location text i.e. between scenes, is not displayed.

Tequila & Boom Boom

Implement everything ;)