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Name Parallaction Engine TODO
Technical Contact(s) Parallaction Engine Team
Subsystem Engine


  • merge input loops: make one input routine for menu, one for dialogue and one for _c_endIntro (possibly merge it with menu). It would be probably needed as part of the new double-buffering implementation. Should be worthy to investigate if it can be made before.

Nippon Safes

  • Game currently locks up in final safe scene [Bug #3420858].
    • This is due to mouse cursor hide/show bug and can be worked around by using "showmouse" on debug console.
  • Game crashes with assertion in finale cutscene [Bug #3420858].
    • scummvm: ./engines/parallaction/graphics.h:175: virtual uint Parallaction::Cnv::getSize(uint16): Assertion `index < _count' failed.
    • Only occurs in English version. It doesn't happen in the italian version because the script is different (the problematic line is commented out). We could ignore the line at runtime for other versions as well. Fixing it means adding code to handle a character called 'Dinor', which is the dummy version of Dino and I am not sure the actual 'finale' location would work"


  • The spotlight in the night club should come to a post before Donna enters the stage [Bug #2438549]. The original used a blocking routine to do so.
  • Make proper balloons with rounded corners for dialogues [needs a polygon fill routine].

Big Red Adventure

  • Implement music commands.
  • Correct MIDI music playback - currently differs from original i.e. part1/msc/stanza.msc
    • Sounds like all events have wrong volume and end up in percussion channel.
    • Corrected by [this]
  • Implement non-blocking fades/other gfx (need some updates to the input loop).
  • Fix mouse cursor hide/show. Mouse cursor incorrectly hidden currently (2011-01-13):
    • Re-entering the first room (DOS BRA Demo only).
    • The guy trying to sell you a watch in the park in Part 1.
    • The end of Part 2 when a banana is thrown.

Script bugs:

  • a zone called 'occorig' is defined in location 'camalb' in all versions of the game, whereas 'eccorig' is needed.


  • Find out how cursors are stretched.
  • Correctly position text in dialogue balloons

Tequila & Boom Boom

Implement everything ;)