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Engine developer clone2727
Companies that used it Presto Studios
Games that use it The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime
Date added to ScummVM Error: Invalid time.
First release containing it N/A


  • Engine is outside of the tree
  • Both full game and demo are completable from the beginning
  • Only the Macintosh version is supported


  • Make QuickTime properly stop at a given time
    • Videos usually display a frame more than they should
  • Implement QuickTime rate control
    • Used by the Norad filling station
    • Used by the "pressure" mini-game when destroying Poseidon
  • Screen fading
  • When loading a game from the pause menu (or from cmd/ctrl+o/l in-game), some videos somehow unpause and play some amount of audio
  • Energy bar calibration sometimes flashes full before calibrating properly (doesn't always happen)
  • Code cleanup
    • Remove last two global constructed objects
    • Propagate a PegasusEngine pointer to various classes
    • Cleanup some constant handling
  • Some slow computers shouldn't delay the 10ms on playing videos (not from the Movie class) (ie. digitall's Atom processor is too slow to handle it :P)
    • Probably should only delay if getTimeToNextFrame() >= 10
    • This should probably also go to other playback loops throughout ScummVM...

Original Game Bugs

  1. WSC: Dragging the antidote on the screen on your second trip in always shows the end replication video
  2. Mars: Cursor shows during the canyon chase after moving it
  3. Norad Delta: The loop sound for the missile control room is corrupt on the disc; mastering error? But the code is broken too!
  4. General: From the main menu, selecting 'walkthru' does nothing -- the game just resets to adventure.*
  5. WSC: The "Images/AI/WSC/XN59WD" video is missing causing an AI video not to play.
  6. General: After using "cmd+o" to load a game while the pause menu is up, the screen dimmer remains on screen after loading the game.*
  7. TSA: After destroying the robot ship on Mars and returning to the present, the game will always play the Ares optical memory video even though you didn't pick it up.

* items have been fixed

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