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ScummVM has been ported to run on many platforms and operating systems. Developers that have extra information to go with their port have a link in the table below. This means not all ports have a specific information page. Information you can find on these pages include compatibility lists of engines that are available for different ports and devices, extra information on installation and usage, and any comments & personal kudos the porters would like to add. Many thanks go out to the effort of the porters!

There is Small Devices Backend in the works which is planned to be common for all devices with limited resources.

Current Officially Supported Platforms

Please review the Platforms/Overview page for information on what features and engines are supported by what platform.

Platform Backend Notes
Windows SDL
UNIX SDL (Linux, Solaris, IRIX, *BSD)
Atari/FreeMiNT SDL
Dreamcast Custom backend
GP2X Custom + SDL
GP2XWiz Custom + SDL
iPhone Custom backend iPhone and iPod Touch
Linux X11/OSS audio (includes iPAQs running Linux)
LinuxMoto Custom + SDL
Maemo SDL/Custom backend OS 2006, 2007, and 2008
Nintendo DS Custom backend
Nintendo GameCube Custom backend
Nintendo Wii Custom backend
PlayStation 2 Custom backend
PlayStation Portable Custom + SDL
SymbianOS SDL (a mobile phone Operating System)
Windows CE Custom + SDL PocketPCs, Smartphones and other handheld devices

Outdated Officially Supported Platforms

The following platforms are officially supported, but unfortunately no current binary for them is available (yet).

Platform Backend Notes
Familiar SDL Only HP iPAQ h1910/h1915 and Asus MyPal 716
PalmOS Custom backend

Unofficial Platforms

Besides the officially supported ports, there have been many more unofficial ones in the past. Since they were not done by us, we can not say anything about their reliability, legality, or availability, nor can we provide support for them. Use them at your own risk!

  • Android
  • Microsoft XBox
  • Microsoft XBox 360
  • Playstation 3

Adding a new backend

If you have developed a port of ScummVM that is not mentioned here and wish to commit it into the main SVN repository, feel free to contact us!