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== About ==
== About ==
All games are supported and *should* work, but they have not all been tested.
ScummVM has been ported to the [[Sony]] PlayStation 3.  All games are supported and *should* work, but they have not all been tested.

== Prerequisites ==
== Prerequisites ==

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ps3.png PlayStation 3 Port
Latest Released Version 2.2.0
Supported Audio Options MP3, OGG, FLAC, Uncompressed
Additional Webpage(s) None
Maintainer(s) BgK
Packager(s) BgK
Forum Port Forum
Status Maintained
First Official Version 1.4.0


ScummVM has been ported to the Sony PlayStation 3. All games are supported and *should* work, but they have not all been tested.


  • A homebrew enabled PlayStation 3 console. As of now that mostly means having a custom firmware installed. Obtaining and installing such a software is out of the scope of this document. Sorry, but you're on your own for that one.
  • At least one ScummVM supported game. The list of compatible games can be seen here: http://www.scummvm.org/compatibility/

The page http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/Where_to_get_the_games references some places where those games can be bought. Demonstration versions for most of the supported games are downloadable on http://scummvm.org/demos/

  • An USB drive.


From a computer, download the installable package of the PS3 port from ScummVM's main site. It should be a .pkg file. Copy it to an USB drive. After having plugged the USB drive to you PS3, the installation package should appear in the XMB under the "Games > Install Package" menu. Installing it copies ScummVM and its dependencies to your PS3's hard drive. It also adds the "Games > PlayStation 3 > ScummVM" XMB entry which is to be used to launch ScummVM.

Configuring and playing games

The user manual describes how to add games to ScummVM and launch them : http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/User_Manual

PlayStation 3 Specifics

Games can be launched either from an USB drive or from the internal hard drive. The internal hard drive has better performance though. Savegames are wrote in the /hdd0/game/SCUM12000/saves folder.

Joypad button mapping

Buttons/Control Action Notes
Left stick Move Pointer
Cross Left Mouse Button
Circle Right Mouse Button
Triangle Game Menu (F5)
Square Escape
Start ScummVM's Global Main Menu (Crtl+F5)
Select Toggle Vitual Keyboard
L1 AGI Predictive Input Dialog

Building from source

This port of ScummVM to the PS3 is based on SDL. It uses the open source SDK PSL1GHT.

The dependencies needed to build it are :

Once all the dependencies are correctly setup, an installable package can be obtained from source by issuing the following command :

./configure --host=ps3 && make ps3pkg