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Based on README.PSP.


  • Copy the relevant game data files to your memory stick (location doesn't matter)
  • Install ScummVM like any other homebrew
  • Run ScummVM and use the launcher to add games and run them


Left Trigger ESC
Right Trigger Enter
Analog Mouse Movement
D-Pad Mouse Movement
Analog + Triangle Fine Control Mouse
X Mouse Button 1
Circle Mouse Button 2
Square . (Skip dialogue in some games)
Select Show/Hide Virtual Keyboard
Start F5


  • While it's possible to compress certain game resources to reduce their size, this can (and usually will) cause games (especially animation) to be choppy sometimes, as it of course needs extra CPU power to decode these files. As such, it is recommended to play games in their original, uncompressed, form whenever possible.
  • Sleep/Suspend mode currently isn't supported, so don't use it when running ScummVM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to run the games?
A: A 1.00 or 1.50 firmware PSP (or an EBOOT loader on firmware 2.00 or higher), and the necessary datafiles for the game you want to play and obviously this ScummVM port.

Q: Can I run <Game XXX> with this?
A: See the list of supported games.

Q: My Monkey Island 1 doesn't have any music, what gives?
A: If your version of Monkey Island came on a CD then it has the music as CD Audio tracks. You need to rip those to MP3/Ogg and copy them to the same directory as the game data files for music to work.

Q: <Game XXX> crashes, or <Feature YYY> doesn't work. Can you fix this?
A: Possibly.
Because of the large amount of games ScummVM supports we obviously haven't played them all start-to-finish on the PSP, so it's possible there are bugs or issues that we're not aware of.
When you encounter such a bug, please use the "Bug Tracker" you find linked on the ScummVM website, and mention all relevant info (i.e. that you're using the PSP version, which ScummVM version it is, if the problem exists in a recent PC SVN version, a detailed description of the problem, and if at all possible a nearby savegame), this will make it much easier for us to reproduce (and hopefully fix) the problem.

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