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This page needs work
Please help get this page into a good shape by adding any information on services used by ScummVM that you may know about.

As the ScummVM project becomes increasingly large a number of services outside of coding and those provided by our host, SourceForge, come into existence in order to support the project needs.

This page aims to list those services and detail who are the key maintenance contacts, link to documentation etc.

If you are maintaining a service for the project please make sure it is mentioned here.

Services can be broadly categorised into the following...

Community Services


Main article: Forums

IRC channel

Main article: IRC Channel

IRC Logs


Main article: Planet

  • Purpose: Aggregate multiple information sources concerning ScummVM, its developers and the wider community into one central site/feed.
  • Primary Maintainer(s): John Willis (DJWillis)

Screen Shots

  • Purpose: Provide a repository of screen shots of supported games.
  • Primary Maintainer(s): Eugene Sandulenko (Sev)

Project Services


Main article: Buildbot

  • Purpose: Provides automated build services for an increasing number of our supported platforms.
  • Primary Maintainer(s): Andre Heider (Dhewg)

Doxygen Project Documentation

Main article: Doxygen

  • Purpose: This aims to provide current, automatically generated, documentation from our source code.
  • Primary Maintainer(s): Joost Peters (JoostP)


Main article: Wiki

  • Purpose: This wiki is mostly intended for Developers to document the project and collaborate on various current projects.
  • Primary Maintainer(s): Eugene Sandulenko (Sev) | Max Horn (Fingolfin) | Thierry Crozat (Criezy)

Mailing list

Main article: Mailing lists