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Engine developer twogood, cyx, joostp
Companies that used it Interactive Binary Illusions
Games that use it Flight of the Amazon Queen
Date added to ScummVM 2003-09-28
First release containing it 0.6.0

The Queen Engine is used to play Interactive Binary Illusions' Flight of the Amazon Queen.

The engine currently supports all known DOS and Amiga versions (full game in several languages and demos).

There are currently no known bugs regarding FOTAQ.

JAS Version String

The JAS version string is a 5 bytes sequence present in the queen.jas datafile. Its primary use within ScummVM is to perform correct detection of the game. The first byte indicates the platform of the game :

Byte Platform
'C' PC CD-Rom
'P' PC Floppy
'a' Amiga

The second byte indicates the language of the game :

Byte Language Version Type
'E' English Official / Retail
'F' French Official / Retail
'G' German Official / Retail
'H' Hebrew Official / Retail
'I' Italian Official / Retail
'S' Spanish Official / Retail
'g' Greek Fan translation in progress
'R' Russian Fan translation in progress

The three remaining bytes contains a version number.

Fanmade Translations


If you intend to translate FOTAQ, here are some notes to help ScummVM supporting it :

  • Release a rebuilt datafile (ie. don't rely on queen.tbl to be modified for your version, this extra datafile only references retail versions of the game)
  • Update the second byte of the "JAS version string" in queen.jas, this allows ScummVM to perform correct language detection and select the appropriate charset data. Currently assigned bytes are listed in the table above.
  • If you must define new charset data, submit it to the patch tracker (ScummVM already has support for hebrew, russian and european fonts)


  • compress_queen allows to remove the queen.tbl dependancy from the original queen.1 datafile.
  • Vag from the GreekRoms team programmed several tools to help in the translation process. TODO add link to homepage