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ScummVM 1.6.0 release testing season has begun on April 21, 2013. Please see the testing guidelines on the main Release Testing page.

The game requires testing for release
Second pass is needed
Needs retesting
Major problems

If you see a game that is yellow, light blue, or purple in color, feel free to test it.

LucasArts Games

LucasArts Game Testing
Game Name Game Version Status Tester Platform Revision
Full Throttle English DOS (Version B) Completable. No problems noted. kynrek Win32 (Win7) 6936f83

Other Games

Other Game Testing
Game Name Game Version Status Tester Platform Revision
3 Skulls of the Toltecs English DOS
English DOS
Completable. No problems noted. Reckless
Win32 (Win7 x86_64)
Discworld (Macintosh version) N/A N/A None None None
Eye of the Beholder English DOS Completable. No problems noted. PsyCrow PSP 6936f83
Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon N/A N/A None None None
Hopkins FBI English OS/2
English Linux
English BeOS
English Windows
Russian Windows
Completable. See [Bug #3611824], [Bug #3611942], [Bug #3612482], and [Bug #3612719]. JenniBee
Win32 (Win7 x86_64)
Mac OS X 10.8
Nintendo Wii
Win32 (WinXP) and Android
Win32 (WinXP) and Android
Tony Tough and the Night of Roasted Moths German Windows Completable. No problems noted. Vorph Win32 (Win7 x86_64) 0209ce4
The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime N/A N/A None None None
The Legend of Kyrandia: Book Two: Hand of Fate English DOS CD Completable. A couple of regressions were fixed during testing. Speech is sometimes cut off, possibly by another sound effect, but that may be an old problem. eriktorbjorn Linux (Debian x86) d2a97a4
The Feeble Files English Windows 4-CD Completable. It did crash once, and started behaving oddly once (both at Cygnus Alpha), but I was never able to reproduce either of them. Loyalty Rating stayed "Extremely Trustworthy" throughout the game. There are indications in the scripts that it should change, but I can't verify. I'm assuming that none of these are regressions, though. eriktorbjorn Linux (Debian x86) 1ffaed4
Loom English FM Towns Expert mode. Completable. No problems noted. eriktorbjorn Linux (Debian x86) a360e4d