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About Residual

Residual is a ScummVM sub-project to play LucasArts' LUA-based 3D adventures, such as Grim Fandango. Residual is an OpenGL program, and requires a 3D card with working OpenGL support for the best experience.

A software renderer is also available, but is less tested.

The main ScummVM program can run LucasArts 2D SCUMM adventures (among others). Residual is named such as it aims to do the same for the residual (remaining) games. It is also a word pun, as the engine used in these LUA-based adventure is called GrimE (as opposed to SCUMM). Grime is a type of residue.

What is the state of Residual?

Basic gameplay works, including cutscenes, up until Some of the game is playable, but many features are either missing or unstable. Currently some menus don't work, and save/load support is missing.

Grim is now playable (with some glitches) to:

     Meche leaves Manny again (Rubacava, Year 2)


Development/debug keys from the original game

  • Ctrl + e : Enter lua string to execute
  • Ctrl + g : Jump to set
  • Ctrl + i : Toggle walk boxes
  • Ctrl + l : Toggle lighting
  • Ctrl + n : Display background name
  • Ctrl + o : Create a door
  • Ctrl + p : Execute patch file
  • Ctrl + s : Turn on cursor
  • Ctrl + u : Create a new object
  • Ctrl + v : print the value of a variable
  • Alt + l : Display light manager
  • Alt + n : Next viewpoint
  • Alt + p : Prev viewpoint
  • Alt + s : Run lua script
  • Shift + n : Next set
  • Shift + p : Prev set
  • Shift + o : Toggle object names
  • F3 : Toggle sector editor
  • Home : Go to default position in current set
  • j : Enter jump number