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General Work

  • Cross platform GUI for debug input dialogs and path selection → ender
  • Complete savegame system (Lua and iMuse done)
  • Add bash-based configure script (Custom ala main ScummVM, NOT autoconf)
  • Proper vsscanf implementation in textsplit.cpp for platforms without it (MSVC, etc)


  • Fix last (hopefully) colormap and invisible object issues → compholio
  • Fix underscore character (blinking cursor) → compholio
  • Improved walkbox code
  • Implement FadeInChore/FadeOutChore


  • Proper light setup
  • Finish 2D primitive code
  • A good software renderer would be nice. The current TinyGL-based one is a little glitchy, and rather slow.


  • Finish sound panning in 3D position code
  • Add triggers support for proper swicthing between musics


  • Save/Load support needs to be rewritten in a more portable way. → latest changes should be more portable, please confirm


  • Improve SMUSH looping support → compholio
  • Remove/fix buffer hack preventing buffer overflow in codec for some smush anims. Look into smush source code for more info.


  • Add smush subtitles support.