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General Work

  • Cross platform GUI for debug input dialogs
  • Complete savegame system (Lua and iMuse done)


  • Fix last (hopefully) colormap and invisible object issues
  • Improved walkbox code
  • Implement FadeInChore/FadeOutChore


  • Proper light setup
  • Fix Font rendering - (almost done)
  • Improve speed of TinyGL with 2d stuff by adding smart regions updates
  • Add hardware zbuffer replacement using TinyGL as mix software and hardware


  • Finish sound panning in 3D position code


  • Improve SMUSH looping support
  • Remove/fix buffer hack preventing buffer overflow in codec for some smush anims. Look into smush source code for more info.


  • Display subtitles near the speaking character, with a reasonable line-width and wrapping.

aquadran's TODO (with priority)

  • fix font positioning for actors
  • add Opengl zbuffer hardware replacement using TinyGL as mix of hardware and software renderer
  • rewrote whole resource part before finishing save/load stuff
  • implement save/load for rest part of engine
  • optimise TinyGL by smart region updates
  • do Grim finishable
  • do Grim demo playable and finishable
  • better light setup
  • fix default colormap textures, current one is wrong
  • fix shadow rendering when object/actor is behind of shadow plane
  • try calculate better zbuffer precisions for zbuffer bitmaps
  • bugs fixing
  • engine cleanup
  • More ports/platforms stuff
  • preliminary engine changes for Monkey 4