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distributor=[[Texas Instruments]]|
distributor=[[Texas Instruments]]|
platforms=Browser, TI-99/4A|
platforms=Browser, TI-99/4A|
engine=[[Glk/Scott|Scott]], [[Glk/Frotz|Z-machine]]|
engine=[[Glk/Scott|Scott]], [[Glk/ZCode|Z-machine]]|
support=Not yet.|
support=Not yet.|

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Return to Pirate's Isle
No Screenshot Available
First release 1983
Also known as N/A
Developed by Adventure International
Published by Texas Instruments
Distributed by Texas Instruments
Platforms Browser, TI-99/4A
Resolution (unknown)
Engine Scott, Z-machine
Support Not yet.
Available for

Return to Pirate's Isle is a text adventure by Adventure International. Return to Pirate's Island in search of treasure.

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