Reversion - The Escape

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Reversion - The Escape
No Screenshot Available
First release 2012
Also known as Reversion Episode 1
Developed by 3f interactivo
Published by 3f interactivo
Distributed by 3f interactivo
Platforms Windows
Resolution (unknown)
Engine Wintermute
Support Not supported. A WIP
engine is available in
our Git repository.
Available for

Reversion - The Escape is the first episode of a three part episodic point and click adventure game set in a future where Buenos Aires has been taken over by militants. A man wakes up in a heavily guarded hospital with no memories. He has to find a way to escape so he can begin his journey of trying to regain his past.

Reversion - The Escape is free, but the other two episodes must be purchased. The story of Reversion continues in Reversion - The Meeting.

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