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List of all known bugs that occurred in the original versions. Issues marked with * have been fixed in ScummVM.

Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb

  • Actors are drawn (some pixels above status bar) at Chota's falling
  • There is a missing sound sample in the intro of some ITE versions: "The humans also knew the Secret of Life, and they used it to give us the Four Great Gifts:". The missing sound sample is played correctly with the file P2_A.iaf, found in Wyrmkeep's update 2
  • In the screen with the beehive, when using the flint to create a fire, the animation shown breaks if the escape key is pressed to bypass the dialogue *

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

  • When loading a save game, the music played is still the music which was playing in the previous scene before the save game is loaded *
  • Chapter 1 (Gorrister): After digging Glynis' grave, when loading a game the grave is no longer there
  • Chapter 1 (Gorrister): After reading the note in the starting room, the hotspot for the note moves to the upper-left corner, so you can read it again and again
  • Chapter 3 (Benny): After talking to the child via the monitor, Benny walks backwards *