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List of all known bugs that occurred in the original versions. Issues marked with * have been fixed in ScummVM.

Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb

  • Actors are drawn (some pixels above status bar) at Chota's falling
  • There is a missing sound sample in the intro of some ITE versions: "The humans also knew the Secret of Life, and they used it to give us the Four Great Gifts:". The missing sound sample is played correctly with the file P2_A.iaf, found in Wyrmkeep's update 2
  • In the screen with the beehive, when using the flint to create a fire, the animation shown breaks if the escape key is pressed to bypass the dialogue *

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

  • When loading a save game, the music played is still the music which was playing in the previous scene before the save game is loaded *
  • Chapter 1 (Gorrister): After digging Glynis' grave, when loading a game the grave is no longer there
  • Chapter 1 (Gorrister): After reading the note in the starting room, the hotspot for the note moves to the upper-left corner, so you can read it again and again *
  • Chapter 1 (Gorrister): Gorrister's heart is not supposed to have a "use" phrase attached to it (it's not used anywhere, it's only given), but when "used", an incorrect reply is given to the player ("It's too narrow for me to pass", said when Gorrister tries to pick up the heart without a rope) *
  • Chapter 3 (Benny): After talking to the child via the monitor, Benny walks backwards *