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SAGA Palette Animation Resource Format

Palette Animation resources begin with the following:


Type Order Name Description
INT16 LE entry_count Number of palette rotation entries

The remainder of the palette resource consists of [entry_count] number of the following:


Type Order Name Description
INT16 LE pal_index_count Number of palette indices to follow
INT16 LE color_count Number of color entries to follow

Each SAGA_PALANIM_ENTRY structure is immediately followed by [pal_index_count] number bytes, as such:

Type Order Name Description
BYTE . pal_index Palette index [0...255]

Followed by [color_count] number of SAGA_COLOR structures:


Type Order Name Description
BYTE . red Red color component
BYTE . green Green color component
BYTE . blue Blue color component

Current notes:

3/9/01: There may be multiple SAGA_COLOR structures present in any one palette animation resource, so it is expected that each references a specific range of palette indices through which [color_count] colors are rotated.

It appears that [pal_index_count] always equals [color_count], but this requires specific verification.

No entry for speed regulation is present; this is either stored elsewhere, is constant, or is hardcoded.