SAGA/Datafiles/Scene Descriptor

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SAGA Scene Descriptor Format

The Scene Descriptor is a 16-byte resource that describes a game scene.


Type Order Name Description
INT16 LE ? This field differs dependent on CD/DISK version It is either 0, 2, or 3
INT16 LE reslist_rn Scene Resource List resource number
INT16 LE end_slope The minimum y coordinate used for calculation of the sprite slope (vanishing point ?); see below
INT16 LE begin_slope The y coordinate at which sprites begin to shrink as they walk further into the distance.( The beginning of sprite slope )
INT16 LE script_index The script index to load for this scene
INT16 LE scene_ep_num Number of script entrypoint to run as default scene procedure
INT16 LE start_ep_num Number of script entrypoint to run as scene start procedure
INT16 LE music_rn Resource number of xmidi file to play for scene. A value of (-1) indicates the music should not be changed for this scene.