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SAGA/Datafiles/Sprite List

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Sprite List resources begin with the following:

Type Order Name Description
INT16 LE sprite_count Number of sprites present
INT16 LE offset_table[ sprite_count ] Table of offsets into the sprite list resource


The rest of a Sprite List resource consists of individual sprite entries:

Type Order Name Description
BYTE(signed) - x_align X sprite alignment vector
BYTE(signed) - y_align Y sprite alignment vector
UBYTE - width Sprite width in pixels
UBYTE - height Sprite height in pixels
BYTE - sprite_data[] RLE encoded sprite data

The signed x_align and y_align values are to ensure that a sprite aligns properly with sprites of smaller or larger size, since all sprites are stored with the minimum dimensions needed.

The actual sprite data is encoded in the ITE_RLE2 format.