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Manic Mansion

Manic Mansion
First release October 30, 2014
Also known as
Developed by Shane Cloud
Engine SCI
Support Since ScummVM 1.2.0

Manic Mansion is a freeware fan-created adventure game using the SCI engine.

Game Description

The story begins with a group of friends standing outside the front door of the Manic Mansion. Bernard is being peer pressured into venturing inside to retrieve a Golden Chalice. Judging from the conversation though, this is because he has already volunteered to be the one to enter.

Upon entering, the front door to the Manic Mansion promptly closes and his friends despite their promise to stay until he returns, leave.

Now it is up to Bernard to not only find the Golden Chalice, but more importantly find a way out of the Manic Mansion.

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