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  • Easy
    • rename the sfx/ dir to sound/ or audio/ (it doesn't just deal with "sound effects).
    • change the many nice existing function documentation comments to use doxygen syntax
    • Change #define lists into enums
  • Medium
    • Convert stuff from "C pseudo classes" to real classes.
    • check for places that use char or unsigned char for boolean values, and change those to bool. Even nicer would be to change it to use enum types whose value names express the intention (SearchOptions.RECURSIVE, GraphicsScaleOptions.2X, etc), but just going for bool will already be a big improvement.
    • Replace various generic FreeSCI code by their ScummVM counterparts, where it make sense.
    • Check old FreeSCI-scummvm branch / repos by Jordi for change that could be salvaged, e.g. the files sfx/device/scumm-midi.cpp and sfx/softseq/scumm-adlib.cpp, or the modifications to the SCI debugger to use the ScummVM console, and stuff.
  • Difficult
    • Turn code into templates in following files (now they generate code via #defines):
      • gfx/picfill.cpp
    • make the SCI tools compilable (to avoid bitrot, while we change code that they depend on), and finally usable again.
    • rewrite the YACC parser code in said.y in pure, readable C++, so we don't need YACC/Bison.