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In the following you will find a number of bugs which actually already occur when using the original interpreter / .EXE. That is, those errors are bugs in the games themselves, not in ScummVM.
Still, we are sometimes able to implement workarounds, meaning that ScummVM works better than the original ;).
Also, a list of non-bugs i.e. game features that look buggy and thus have been reported by users, but are actually intentional, is provided for reference.

Note that none of these lists is complete.

Not Yet Fixed

  • In Maniac Mansion, the tape player keeps playing the tape. [Bug #752874]
  • In Maniac Mansion (EGA Enhanced version), the actors are placed to the right in the final scene, in a place where Fred's face is partially behind one of the house's poles. [Bug #902395]
  • In Zak McKracken (Amiga), the credits in the intro are too fast. [Bug #1334129] [Bug #1690207]
  • In Zak McKracken (V2), Zak walks behind the guard in London, instead of in front of him. [Bug #1571747]
  • In Zak McKracken (V2), Zak walks behind the guard in Katmandu, instead of in front of him. [Bug #1571707]
  • In Zak McKracken (FM-Towns), switching back from Zak to the bird causes the bird to fly into the screen multiple times. [Bug #1528862]
  • In Zak McKracken (FM-Towns), the caponian and Zak appear in wrong positions after retrieving the "glowing item" from the bottom of the sea. [Bug #1527640]
  • In Loom (CD), voice goes out of sync when casting fear. [Bug #770066]
  • In Loom, Hetchel has two heads in her flight. [Bug #770050]
  • In Monkey Island 2, skipping speech with escape at Captain Dread's boat will display weird results. [Bug #995942]
  • In Monkey Island 2, the sound of the waterfall stops after a few seconds. [Bug #728417] [Bug #2545447]
  • In Sam and Max, Doug the Moleman temporarily loses his head after giving him the pecan candy. [Bug #1496577]
  • In Sam and Max, some animations of Max don't disappear in the second encounter with flambee. [Bug #1496566]
  • In Sam and Max, part of Bruno is not cleared off the screen when leaving Bumpusville. [Bug #2028711]
  • In Sam and Max (German and Italian talkie), voices can be out of sync. [Bug #2023466] [Bug #3614691]
  • In Day of the Tentacle, the glow of the Chron-O-John can be drawn in front of the closed door. [Bug #1803628]
  • In Day of the Tentacle, the Chron-O-John's rotor and glow can be missing. [Bug #1794309]
  • In Indy3, there is an out of place pink line in the room with the tapestry on the second floor while in Castle Brunwald. [Bug #1726606]
  • In Day of the Tentacle, there is a layering glitch when standing at a particular spot in the basement. [Bug #2845867]
  • In Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, in the wits path, after rescuing Trottier from the Nazis in Monte Carlo, Trottier tells Indy the name of the two streets at the intersection of which he threw the stone disk out of the window during the car chase. In one instance, when the intersection is between "Boulevard des Guerres des Etoiles and Rue Aubergine," the spoken text is wrong the first time Trottier tells it. He says he threw the disk at the intersection between "Avenue Victor Hugo and Rue Aubergine". The subtitles are correct as is the spoken text when Trottier tells it the second time (after Indy asked him to repeat). [Bug #2553324]
  • In Curse of Monkey Island, on normal difficulty, Griswold Goodsoup has mentioned that the door to the lodger's room has been locked because it's haunted. Guybrush is given the dialogue tree to ask if he'll open it for him. Griswold replies he won't, it must stay locked, etc. Except in NORMAL mode it's already open! [Bug #1800740]


  • In Maniac Mansion, there is a race condition between Ted reacting to the doorbell, and Ted imprisoning the player if he happens to wander into Ted's room while Ted is in it. [Bug #1447058]
  • In Day of the Tentacle, in the lobby, Bernard can use Laverne's voice. [Bug #2016521]
  • In Sam & Max, the game can hang when talking to the bigfoot guarding the party. [Bug #2826144]


  • In Maniac Mansion, if you use the telescope right away without using the safe in Edna's room, it will not give you the combination. This is intentional, the code is not generated by the scripts until you try opening the safe.
  • In LOOM, it is possible to fail to learn some of the optional drafts such as Emptying i.e. you see the correct sequence, but fail to test it, thus the game state flag is never set. If you try to use the correct draft sequence later, Bobbin will say "I don't think I spun that right" instead of doing the action. You can check the status of the drafts using the "drafts" debugger command (K for known, U for used).