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ScummVM adds a number of little enhancements/workarounds to several SCUMM games, sometimes based on the behavior in other versions of the same game. Since some have expressed the desire to restore the original behavior, some games now have a Enable game-specific enhancements setting.

Note that disabling this option will still not necessarily make the game behave exactly like the original. Sometimes ScummVM's implementation of a feature always differed slightly from the original, sometimes workarounds are for game-breaking bugs, some workarounds are already optional, and some just aren't covered by the setting yet. That said, here is a list of the enhancements that it currently covers.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

  • [Macintosh 16-color] All text is drawn using the font's defined character spacing. The original would sometimes add an extra pixel.
  • [Macintosh 16-color] Palette effects are emulated in black-and-white mode. This is visible in several scenes, perhaps most noticeably the lightning around Castle Brunwald.


  • [EGA, Amiga, Atari ST] Don't allow Bobbin to simply walk through the locked cell door when clicking just below it. This was fixed in later versions of the game, though not always in the same way. ScummVM imitates the behavior of the VGA talkie version.
  • [All versions except VGA talkie] Trying to leave the plateau before encountering Rusty's ghost no longer causes the ghost to teleport.
  • [Macintosh 16-color] Palette effects are emulated in black-and-white mode. This is visible in the scene where the dragon finds Rusty asleep.
  • [VGA talkie] Fix the timing when Bishop Mandible uses the distaff so that it lights up four times, just like in other versions.
  • [VGA talkie] Chaos no longer introduces herself as "Choas".

The Secret of Monkey Island

"Enhanced" refers to the 256-color version with icons for inventory. Most obviously the VGA CD version, but sometimes also the Macintosh, SEGA and FM Towns versions.

  • [Enhanced] Add the animated cigar smoke present in earlier versions to the captain Smirk close-up. It seems that in older versions, the smoke was not shown when playing the game from floppy, and this behavior carried over to the CD version.
  • [Enhanced] Only change the description of the Mêlée Island clock tower between visits to the room, like in earlier versions. Not every time the clock is examined.
  • [Enhanced] Don't stop the background sound when showing the close-up of captain Smirk. This imitates the behavior of the Special Edition.
  • [Enhanced] Restore a few lines of Lemonhead dialog to the scene where he examines the small idol. These lines were present in earlier versions. This affects the English, German, Italian, and Spanish versions. The game is also available in French, but no version has been located with the old lines intact.

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

  • [Macintosh version] When there is no Mac-specific music (most notably towards the end of the game), play the Roland MT-32 music instead. The Macintosh instruments are a sufficient subset for this to work well.
  • Guybrush will speak when getting the map from Rapp Scallion. The game would originally print the lines, but they were immediately overwritten by other lines, so all ScummVM does is introduce a delay between the messages.

Sam & Max Hit the Road

  • Adjust the position of the green goop inside the tank in the Hall of Oddities. It was off by one pixel, allowing a few pixels of objects behind to be seen without having their color changed.