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General TODO

  • Make it possible to restart games properly
  • Possibly implement a new resource manager, which then also could be shared by ScummEX. [Jamieson has some ideas about this].
  • Figure out the resource types in the Turbografx/PC Engine version of Loom
  • Add support for music and sound effects in the Apple II version of Maniac Mansion
  • Add support for music and sound effects in the Commodore 64 versions of Maniac Mansion and Zak McKracken
  • Add support for music and sound effects in the Macintosh version of Loom
  • Add support for TFMX music format in Amiga version of Monkey Island 1 Check and for music format details
  • Add support for handling Kanji in FM-Towns games (foreground is rendered on a second plane at 640x480), text uses Shift_JIS encoding [implementation now that currently depends on font rom, not needing the rom would be preferable]
  • Clean up class Gdi. This class right now mostly is about decoding various graphic formats. However some other functionality has crept into it, too. It would be nice if class Gdi would only contain the GFX decoding code, and nothing else (assuming that is feasible w/o too much trouble). OTOH, the code which is responsible for managing virtual screens, rendering virtual screens to the real display etc. could be grouped into a new class (e.g. VSManager or so).
  • Reduce kMD5FileSizeLimit from 1MB to e.g. 80 kb (this will force us to recompute the MD5 for the mac bundles, but hopefully nothing else)
  • ADLIB: There seems to be some loop/repeat mechanism in old Adlib sound effects that we do not handle. This thread has some discussion, and recordings. Two good examples are the door opening sound in Indy 3 and Monkey Island 1 (floppy), and the typewriter sound in Indy 3.
  • ADLIB: We don't handle (global) music volume changes for adlib sounds in older SCUMM games. See [Bug #1159581].
  • Add support for non-interactive demo of Monkey Island 2. This can be done either by hacking the SCUMM loop and adding code to parse the existing 'demo.rec' file and re-injecting events in the event loop. Another possible approach would be to "specialize" the (future) events recording/playback code to deal with the original SPUTM .rec files.



HE games

Bugs Also in the Original

In the following you will find a number of bugs which actually already occur when using the original interpreter / .EXE. That is, those errors are bugs in the games themselves, not in ScummVM. Still, we sometimes are able to implement workarounds, meaning ScummVM at times works better than the original ;).

Note that neither of these lists is complete.

Not Yet Fixed

  • In Maniac Mansion, the tape player keeps playing the tape. [Bug #752874]
  • In Zak McKracken (Amiga), the credits in the intro are too fast. [Bug #1690207]
  • In Zak McKracken (V2), Zak walks behind the guard in London, instead of in front of him. [Bug #1571747]
  • In Zak McKracken (V2), Zak walks behind the guard in Katmandu, instead of in front of him. [Bug #1571707]
  • In Zak McKracken (FM-Towns), switching back from Zak to the bird causes the bird to fly into the screen multiple times. [Bug #1528862]
  • In Zak McKracken (FM-Towns), the caponian and Zak appear in wrong positions after retrieving the "glowing item" from the bottom of the sea. [Bug #1527640]
  • In Loom (CD), voice goes out of sync when casting fear. [Bug #770066]
  • In Loom, Hetchel has two heads in her flight. [Bug #770050]
  • In Monkey Island 2, skipping speech with escape at Captain Dread's boat will display weird results. [Bug #995942]
  • In Sam and Max, Doug the Moleman temporarily loses his head after giving him the pecan candy. [Bug #1496577]
  • In Sam and Max, some animations of Max don't disappear in the second encounter with flambee. [Bug #1496566]
  • In Sam and Max, part of Bruno is not cleared off the screen when leaving Bumpusville. [Bug #2028711]
  • In Sam and Max (German talkie), voices can be out of sync. [Bug #2023466]
  • In Day of the Tentacle, the glow of the Chron-O-John can be drawn in front of the closed door. [Bug #1803628]
  • In Day of the Tentacle, the Chron-O-John's rotor and glow can be missing. [Bug #1794309]
  • In Indy3, there is an out of place pink line in the room with the tapestry on the second floor while in Castle Brunwald. [Bug #1726606]


  • In Day of the Tentacle, in the lobby, Bernard can use Laverne's voice. [Bug #2016521]