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Amiga-Style Mouse Support
Sarien Amiga AGI
Amiga AGI
The Amiga version of Sierra's AGI has extensive mouse support for menus, ego movement and dialog boxes. Sarien implements mouse support in a similar way. The MS-DOS version of Sierra's AGI had no mouse support.

High Resolution Pictures
Sarien Sierra AGI
Sierra AGI
Background pictures in Sierra's AGI are 160 pixels wide. Since these images are stored in vectorial form, Sarien 0.7 renders the pictures doubling the X resolution. Classic and hi-res modes can be switched at runtime from the interpreter console, in case it produces undesired artifacts.

Amiga-ish Palette
Sarien PC EGA Palette
PC EGA Palette
Amiga and IIgs versions of the Sierra AGI interpreter use different colors if compared to the standard PC EGA versions. Notably red and blue are softer, making these colors more suitable for skin and sky tones. Sarien uses a mix of the Amiga and EGA palettes, using the softer blue/red colors but keeping EGA's magenta and cyan.

Aspect Ratio Correction
Sarien (Square-Pixel Screen) Sierra AGI (Square-Pixel Screen)
Sierra AGI
The PC version of Sierra's AGI uses the 320x200 video mode of the EGA graphics card. When displayed on a square-pixel video mode such as 320x240 or 640x480, AGI pictures may appear "squashed". Sarien fixes the aspect ratio of the images, preserving the original proportions as displayed by the EGA controller.