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There is an item in our TODO file:

  • Redo the screenshots. Mostly this means adding more (and maybe removing or replacing a few). What I have in mind are that we follow these guidelines (which aren't set in stone nor laws, just guidelines :-)
    • For each unique game, provide 2-3 screenshots
    • Have at least one shot for each major variant of a game (with major variant I mean visibly distinct versions, like Zak V1 vs. V2 vs. FM-TOWNS; or Monkey Island EGA vs VGA vs CD).

I started to do it but I don't have all games and from the other hand I don't have savegames for some titles I own, since I didn't play them, so your help will be appreciated.

How to make screenshots

Here are additional rules on how to make screenshots which were settled in last couple years. Of course any suggestions are welcome:

  • Check if this screenshot weren't made already. See list on this page
    • If there is no visual difference between already submitted and your game version, don't submit it. Especially I'm not sure eithere there differences between Atari, Amiga and Mac versions.
  • ScummVM run
    • Pick some interesting scene to shot
    • 320x200 games should be run with HQ2x (Ctrl+Alt+3) mode with aspect correction (Ctrl+Alt+a) mode on. I.e. it should be 640x480 image.
    • 640x480 games should be run with 1x scaler
    • On platforms which use SDL backend (Win32 and *nix included) Alt+S creates file scummvmXXXXX.bmp with screenshot in current directory.
    • Make sure your screenshot is 640x480 and was made with HQ2x scaler. Otherwise it will not be accepted unfortunately.
  • Screenshot file details
    • Screenshots should be without window decorations and saved in PNG format with maximum compression. File name is big_scummvm_XX.png where XX are sequental numbers. If we will go over 100, and I expect it to be so, just name files big_scummvm_101.png etc.
    • Preferably run pngcrush over it but if you don't have it I'll optimize images later
    • Create scummvm_XX.txt file with full game name and optionally provide platform name in parenthesis. For example "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (Amiga)"
    • Preferably use script to produce thumbnails. If you don't have it then save in interlaced JPEG scaled down to 256 pixel width with quality 0.33. Optionally you can commit/submit only big_scummvm_XX.png image and scummvm_XX.txt description and I will create thumbnails for you.

How to submit screenshots

  • Commit it to web module if you have write access. NOTE: Don't forget to add add binary format key (-kb)
    • OR send it to _sev or any developer on #scummvm
  • Remove game title from list on this page
    • OR ask somebody with edit access to this wiki to remove it for you
    • OR send a short note to -devel
  • If you didn't perform some actions with screenshot file, for example you didn't pngcrush it or are unable to produce thumbnail, please, drop a note to -devel or write it next to your game title.

When we will have complete or near to complete set, I will rearrange all files, putting shots from same game in a row, though Fingolfin told me that he has plans to implement some kind of screenshot manager for the site. So that may change in future.

Ok, that's basically everything, here is the list of screenshots. Again, it may happen that not every listed platform has visual differences in output. If there are no differences just mention it.

List of games

This list may be not complete so if you know any additional visually distinguishable version just add it here or inform me. sev

LucasArts SCUMM

  • Maniac Mansion
    • Atari/Amiga. 1 screenshot
  • Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders
    • V1 (original) version. 2 screenshots
    • V2 (enchanced) version. 2 screenshots
    • FM-TOWNS. 3 screenshots. Current 2 are made with wrong resolution
  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
    • EGA. 2 screenshots
    • VGA. 1 screenshot
    • FM-TOWNS (with Kanji). 1 screenshot
  • Loom
    • DOS Floppy (EGA). 1 screenshot
    • Atari/Amiga. 1 screenshot
      • note: I noticed this screenshot on the website today - the thumbnail looks horribly (jpg artifacts?) - you might want to check that (clem 09:40, 17 Aug 2005 (UTC)) (see )
  • The Secret of Monkey Island
    • SEGA. 1 screenshot
    • EGA 2 screenshots. Curent one made without aspect correction
    • VGA. 2 screenshots
    • CD. Inventory should be visible. 1 screenshot
    • FM-TOWNS. (kanji?). 1 screenshot
  • Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's revenge
    • Amiga. 1 screenshot
    • FM-TOWNS. (kanji?). 1 screenshot
  • Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
    • Amiga. 1 screenshot
    • FM-TOWNS. (kanji?). 1 screenshot
  • Day of the Tentacle
    • 1 screenshot
  • Sam & Max
    • 1 screenshot in the middle of the game
  • The Dig
    • 2 screenshots
  • Curse of Monkey Island
    • 1 screenshot