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This is the application form for Google Summer of Docs 2020.

Application template

Page 1

Open source organization information

The information in this section enables the program administrators to properly identify your open source organization.

  • Open source organization's email address
This email address is used for contacting your open source organization about Season of Docs and is published on the Season of Docs website. It is used by the Google program administrators and technical writer participants to contact your organization. You are strongly advised not to use a personal email address as the email address for contacting your open source organization.
  • Open source project name
  • Enter the name of the open source project that is participating in the Season of Docs.
  • Link to the open source project
  • Enter the URL of your open source website or repository.
  • Open source project description
  • This description is published on the Season of Docs website.
ScummVM is a game preservation project targeting 2D adventure games and RPG
  • Link to your organization’s page about Season of Docs
  • If your organization has a web page or blog post dedicated to Season of Docs, enter the URL here. You can supply this link later too.
-> Not created yet

Page 2

  • Optional stipend
  • Indicate whether your organization wants to receive a mentor stipend for this year’s program. For more information, see stipends for mentor organizations at