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Sierra is a video game company founded by Ken and Roberta Williams.

The company built it's reputation as a company for excellent graphic adventures beginning in the early 1980s, and continued until it was purchased by Vivendi Universal (now known as Vivendi SA) in the late 1990's. Sierra now only exists as a label - as the entire Sierra staff was laid off and the Sierra building was closed. It is doubtful that Vivendi will produce any more adventure games.

The adventure games created with Sierra's Adventure Game Interpreter (and it's predecessors) are implemented in ScummVM using the code base from the Sarien and TrollVM projects. The adventure games created with Sierra's Creative Interpreter are implemented in ScummVM using the code base from the FreeSCI project. All of them were done with permission obtained from the original authors of those projects.


There were several games that used some parts of the AGI engine, before it was mature enough (see TrollVM):



Starting in 1988, adventure game development switched to the more versatile SCI (Sierra's Creative Interpreter) engine. This new engine is object oriented, contrary to AGI that is procedural.

A version history of Sierra's games can be found under Sierra Game Versions

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