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== Update User Manual ==
#REDIRECT [[Season_of_Docs/GSoD_Ideas]]
[[User Manual]] for ScummVM was created in 2007 and was not significantly updated since. Many new features got added and existing pages would need to be improved and updated.
The purpose of this task would be to refresh the User Manual. It will require to collaborate with the developers who provide technical information as well as user experience.
== Add more Doxygen comments to OSystem ==
We use doxygen to generate technical documention related to ScummVM. Unfortunately, over the time we were not always very consistent with describing the newly added methods and classes.
Those are the directories we cover:
* common/
* audio/
* backends/
* graphics/
* gui/
* image/
* video/
* engines/*.h (only files in the root directory)
The project is to review the current generated documentation and work with the developer on adding enough comments to make it more useful.

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