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452 bytes added, 02:35, 24 February 2009
Added note that CFSML for savegames in SCI should be replaced
* I just made a big commit where I started to overhaul the file handling in SCI. It's incomplete, and may cause regressions, but it is a start. The biggest chunk left to take care of is engine/kfile.cpp, and in there mostly reading/writing from/to other files than regular savegames. This needs to be switched to the savefile API.
* make the SCI tools compilable (to avoid bitrot, while we change code that they depend on), and finally usable again.
* Get rid of the CFSML system for savegames. It is arcane (people don't understand it, changes to the savegame format are difficult, it requires perl to update the source code, etc.). Instead, use for example a system like we use in SCUMM, but in an improved version, see [ the discussion on scummvm-devel].


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