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Here you will find several important rules which you have to conform in order to be eligible to application as a student for ScummVM project.
* Google Summer of Code is a '''full time job'''. If you consider getting an additional part time job or have exams, do not apply.
* We demand a comprehensive and detailed plan for all 12 weeks of your project. Include risk mitigation.
* We require each student to communicate with their mentor every second day. If you fail to do that for longer than 3 days, you will fail the program.
* Students are expected to submit a patch which fixes some known bug or be start of their work which they are applying for.
* Students have to blog about their progress on a weekly basis or more often.
* Stick to our [[Code Formatting Conventions]].
* The code have has to be always at least ''compilable''.
* Commit often, commit early.


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