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2) For ARM v9, optimized for speed
3) For ARM v9, optimized for size (the default for most files)
If the goal is simply to enable test compilation on the buildbot, this is not strictly necessary. But in order to compile actually usable binaries, support for this is mandatory. So we need to come up with a way. One idea: Allow overriding CXXFLAGS for arbitrary files by checking for CXXFLAGS-filename env vars, like "CXXFLAGS-foo/bar.cpp".Another approach: use target specific variables in GNU make, like this one: engines/scumm/actor.o: CXXFLAGS += -DFOOBARor this slightly more sophisticated one: engines/scumm/actor.o: CXXFLAGS := $(subst OLD,NEW,$(CXXFLAGS))which replaces "OLD" by "NEW" inside CXXFLAGS
There are other issues... to be documented here, or resolved.


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