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→‎Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb: bug #2827371 also happens in the original
* In the screen with the beehive, when using the flint to create a fire, the animation shown breaks if the escape key is pressed to bypass the dialogue (fixed in ScummVM)
* If the player chooses to use an actor (usually one of the two followers, Eeah and Okk), and then immediately clicks on that actor again (even if the actor's name is not shown again in the verb area), the actor returned is wrong. This lead to odd behavior when the player did an action like "Use Eeah with (Eeah)" (name is not shown for the second actor), and has been fixed in ScummVM
* After accusing the moneychanger of stealing the Orb of Storms, he will always start a dialog when you enter his tend. The game does not disable the inventory screen at the start of the dialog. If the player uses the silver medallion, while the moneychanger is still talking, the game will hang. {{BugTrack|num=2827371}}
== I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream ==


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