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Compiling ScummVM/Mac OS X Crosscompiling

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→‎PPC build: update instructions for crosscompiling
Now, first we'll have to download and build the dependency libs we're needing for our build. SDL is the only required one, plus whatever optional libs you want, like libMAD, Ogg Vorbis, etc, etc. If you include zlib, there's some special instructions below.
The twist here, is that you should install these libs to a separate location from the regular system libraries. Since we're compiling PPC 10.2 specific versions, we don't want to overwrite our regular libraries. I went with /opt/1028libs/. Just set this with the --prefix option to the ./configure script, for all the libraries you're including. Do this, and make sure you've defined the above environmental libraries both when you do ./configure and when you do make, and you should be set. For some of the libraries you might also need to use the --host=powerpc-apple-darwin option when running the ./configure script.
Once you've set up all the dependency libraries, you're ready to build ScummVM itself.
First, there's a couple of minor changes we have to do to the ScummVM <code></code> file.
Find the line that says:
Change this to whatever root you used to install the dependency libraries. In my case, I've changed it to:
Next, find the section that starts with:


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