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Release Testing/1.0.0

No change in size, 16:36, 24 September 2009
→‎LucasArts SCUMM Games: Change link for the MI1 AMIGA palette glitches bug report.
|The Secret of Monkey Island EGA||English DOS<br>English DOS||Completable. No regressions noted.||garrythefish<br>azazel_1125||Win32 (7 RC-1)<br>Win32 (7 RC-1)||Jul 11<br>Sep 18
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|The Secret of Monkey Island||German DOS<br>English Macintosh<br>German Amiga||Completable. See {{BugTrack|num=1578708}} and {{BugTrack|num=28072252838205}}.||LordHoto<br>Hkz<br>sh0e||Linux x86_64 (Debian/unstable)<br>GP2X Wiz<br>Linux x86_64 (Arch Linux)||Jul 12<br>Aug 13<br>Sep 23
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|The Secret of Monkey Island CD||English DOS<br>English DOS<br>English DOS<br>English DOS<br>English FM-TOWNS||Completable. No regressions noted.||[vEX]<br>ezekiel000<br>Hkz<br>sh0e<br>sh0e||Linux x86_64 (Arch Linux)<br>Linux x86_64 (Ubuntu 9.04)<br>GP2X Wiz<br>Linux x86_64 (Arch Linux)<br>Linux x86_64 (Arch Linux)||Jul 19<br>Jul 24<br>Aug 7<br>Sep 22<br>Sep 22


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